Kebab Live Station Events and Delivery

Kebab Live Station Events and Delivery

Kebab Live Station Events and Delivery

live station kebab

You are planning for any one of these events:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Religious events
  • Family days
  • Carnivals
  • Concerts
  • etc

You Need: Super cool, hot, lit, delicious, juicy, reliable, and epic food option that are budget friendly AND will impress your guests. Your solution: Us. The EPIKebabs live kebab station – basically short form for live grilling of juicy, tender, dripping kebab meat by our skilled, experienced, and attentive chefs at your event. The aim is to make you look good and your guests feel good.

kebab live station

What you get:

  • Kebab chefs onsite at your event
  • 1 kebab grilling machine
  • Desired amount of meat
  • Highly customizable and desired pairing – with a wrap/rice/sandwich/salad etc
  • An optional buffet type set-up for self-service
  • A lifetime of compliments from guests

What you pay (as a guide):

No. of Servings Cost Per Pax
100 $ 10.00
200 $ 6.50
300 $ 5.67
400 $ 5.25
500 $ 5.00

What you provide: Simple – Just a space, a table and a power source.

What to do now? Just talk to us about your event  – click on the button below. We won’t bite (unless it’s a kebab). We promise. Check out our past clients and what they had to say!

epikebabs deliver events

Check out what our clients have to say!

“Engaged EPIKebabs live grilling kebab for my CNY gathering – they set it up perfectly in my house. The chef was very nice and skillful, food was great. Definitely a good deal for small events to surprise friends and family” Mr Toh C.S

“My gift for my nephew’s wedding  was having this kebab live station as one of the food offerings at the wedding. Dealing with epik was pleasant from start to finish. Polite, on time and delivered as promised. It became one of the more popular food items during the wedding. Luckily it was suitable for multipurpose hall set-up and the team guide me with the technicalities. Thank you Qin and team!” Mdm Salmah Haikel

“Got these wonderful blokes to set-up some live grilling action for a major company event. No regrets – went above and beyond the hours promised and made fantastic food and conversation! Good luck with your future endeavors boys, keep up the good work!” Mark Jones

Looking for other event options? Check out the choices below!


Have our kebabs your way – buffet style! Choose from 2 kebab meat choices, our signature spiced basmati rice, a 6 fresh mixed vegetable salad, chilli chips, soft sandwich/flat bread and a selection of 7 sauces including our delectable hummus and homemade garlic mayo. Order directly on our online portal – click on the button below! 

kebab buffet singapore
kebab platter


Planning for parties,  family gatherings or need munchies for meetings? Make it an EPIK one with us with the ONE AND ONLY kebab platter in Singapore! Choose from platters of various sizes arranged in an easy to eat tray in half rolls or sandwiches or a mix of both!

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