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Meet the Kebabs

At EPIKebabs, we serve HEFTY portions of awesome tasting kebabs – or as our customers say when they get their food, “That’s friggin’ EPIK!!’

Served on a individually toasted and specially made 11inch flour wrap – stuffed full of juicy and lovingly marinated chicken or beef (or a mix of both) doner kebabs on a bed of luscious vegetables of your choice. Also available as a vegetarian option with pilaf basmati rice, hummus, and a choice of 6 vegetables

Juicy, well marinated chicken, beef or a mixture of doner kebabs packed into soft toasted sandwich bread and topped off with and array of fresh vegetables

Basmati rice cooked with 6 different spices herbs with our signature chicken, beef or mixed meat doner kebabs loaded on and accompanied with fresh lettuce, purple cabbage, tomatoes with our delicious homemade hummus sauce

Looking for something low-carb for your fitness and health goals? Mounds of our doner kebab chicken, beef or mixed meats piled on to a heap of mixed vegetables, slathered with our delectable homemade hummus sauce or other 7 sauces of your choosing

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