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Perfecting Doner Kebabs

Fresh produce kebabs

The Quest for the Best Kebabs

At EPIKebabs, we are crazy about, well, KEBABS. Our mission- spreading our passion for proper kebabs with a simple fuss-free menu, focusing on  awesome-tasting, hefty in portion and great value kebabs – in other words, EPIC.

Our dream – to create a revolution where quick and delicious meals do not come pre-made and laden with tons of salt and preservatives. At EPIKebabs, we make our kebabs fresh daily. We use fresh meat of the best cuts, marinated with natural herbs and spices.


Even our delicious Hummus sauce is made from scratch! We marinate the kebabs overnight and every morning, hundreds of meat slices are stacked piece by piece before being vertically-roasted to perfection. Juices locked-in and fats dripped away. Preparation takes time but it is done meticulously with lots of love and skill, because you, deserve it.

Wondering what ‘EPIKebabs’ means? Its a play on the words ‘Epic’ and ‘Kebabs’. But don’t take our word for it, come on down for a truly EPIK experience or click here to order online!

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